Global trade has been an activity essential to societies from the dawn of time.

Back in the 15th century, motivated by discovering new trade routes, Europeans set sail upon the oceans and found a new and unexplored continent. Since then, Brazil has shown its vocation for partnerships and trade with other nations.

Brasportsul was founded in 1992, in Porto Alegre, in the south of Brazil, providing foreign trade services, specialized in customs clearance and import & export consultancy.

Client recognition came naturally, thanks to tailored services rendered by a qualified team. Constantly based on ethics, dedication and seriousness in the provision of service, we have been able to keep abreast with the flow and demands of the market.

Nowadays, Brasportsul operates as a center specialized in International Business Management, and our main focus lies on offering unique solutions in foreign trade.

Patrícia Garcia da Rosa – Founder